Druggy Muse

lets try this out

Ill up the records that are really good otherwise just request somethin if you want

This comp ranges from foggy blurs of female reverb fests to wide-eyed pop

Madeline- sleeping dogs
Chromatics- I want your love
Pantaleimon- numinosum
Holly Golightly and the Brokeoffs- Devil Do
My Pal Foot Foot- Horn Owl
Mother Mother- Oh Ana
GHQ- Radiance Illuminate
Pocohaunted- Silk Fog Traveler
Rings- You Remind Me
Fireflies- Flowers
Druggy Muse

GHQ- Crystal Healing
Samamidon- All is Well
Times New Viking- Rip it Off
Big Blood- The Grove


work in progress

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Alva NotoXerrox Vol 1
Blues ControlS/T
Deathspell OmegaFas
Keith RoweThe Room
Savvas Ysatis+ Taylor DeupreeSleeping Morning
TwinsistermoonWhen Stars Glide Through Solid
Wolves in the Throne RoomTwo hunters
Electric WizardWitchcult Today
Oren AmbarchiPendulums Embrace

next week

next week ill update all this stuff, re-up the requests, lots o goodies

A.R.E. Weapons
Modern Mayhem
I usually hate this kitchy trend stuff yet this is so charismatic and balls out I cant help it. Michael Jackson sipped prometh, knocked up Peaches and their kid went on to form ARE Weapons

Group Inerane- Music From Niger 2007
ahhh this is so good, these guitar cuts are so catchy its impossible not to clap your hands and jam along. The tracks range from straight riffs to smudgy distorted noisey riffs. One of my favs this year

Black Dice- Load Blown 2007
Feedback and reverse sampled noise, karate chopped vocals, head noddin drool drippin over the beat

Burial- Untrue 2007
download this now

Oren Ambarchi- In the Pendulums Embrace 2007
His most natural release yet, epic sequences of droney noise featuring an ebb and flow of guitars (!) and organic sounds creating this undercurrent of tension thats just so satisfying

naked on the vague

Sur-Terre.net- Soundtrack_For_Variable_Fiction
minimal techno/ambient stuff from hecker, vlad delay, very cool for late at night

North- Ruins
Finally a good postrock album this year, def cop this is you like Russian Circles or early Pelican

500mg- Apocatastisis
Trippy ambient folk, a combination of sparse drone and static noisescapes.

Giuseppe Ielassi & Nicola Ratti- Bellows
paranoid, glitchy electronic cinematic curtains

Nadja- Thaumogenesis
Awe-inspiring wall of gorgeous noise, this isnt like whitehouse kill-your-dog noise more like fuck I want to marry a hippie chick and raise a bunch of kids so I can play this and have them chill the fuck out.

Fucked Up- Year of the Pig
Nice epic comp from a decent post-hardcore band. Yeah yeah just check it, its got some nice instrumental parts with nice explosions sequenced throughout

This Will Destroy You- S/t
More instrumental rock, manage to do a hackneyed genre well

Xela- Halloween/Suspiria remix
Spooky soundtracks, these were slammin on halloween and great for any late night soiree

Tyvek- Fast Metabolism
Lo-fiiiii loving that lo-fiii sound

Lifelover Holler


I feel like these guys have been around since people discover fire, found out that drums and guitars sound awesome together, just huddled around in caves jamming and eating raw zebras ala bear grylis, because it sounds like every band took some influence from them. Formed in 05, lifelover is actually adept at combining the best parts of your favorite bands–weaklings growl, talk talks ambience, husker du’s balzyness, hilary duffs catchiness, there all here. These cd’s are all over the place musically, yet it always sounds similar; theres a post feel to everything on here, like stretched out to it peak and only keeping the refreshing parts of each genre. The crescendos of post-rock without the noodling, black metal drumming without predictability, fucked up vocals that never detract from the music. The main criticism of these guys is they have too much filler- thats from a black metal perspective, so its valid. Go in with no apprehensions, and youll want to camp out in their cave, huddled in animal skins while rob does his old cover himself in blood trick.
Lifelover- Erotik
Lifelover- Pulver

The Field Discography

the field

dude is killin it, minimal techno perfect for a plethora of situations. Most songs start off with one repetitive note, slowly, ever so fucking slowly, building layers over each other in audio foreplay, leading up to ear-gasms, fading out to go fix a sandwich.

The Field- Things Keep Falling Down


The Honeydrips – Fall from a Height (The Field remix)


The Field- Sun and Ice


The Field- From Here We Go To Sublime